Last Updated: August 1st, 2016
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FREE version includes basic modeling, CNDO/S (UV/Vis Spectra) and MOPAC/Balloon (Easy Conformation Search) up to 30 atoms.
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# Read/Write : p2n, pdb, cif, mol, mol2, sdf, gjf and other commonly used formats
# Supported Platforms : Windows Vista/7/8/10, VirtualBox/VMware fusion on OSX
# Twenty packages have been downloaded every day on average, and 418 single licenses have been purchased as of May 25, 2016

Functions Free Version Basic
Modeling Basic Modeling Yes Yes
(Easy Structure Optimization by MM)
Yes Yes
Conformation Search by Balloon Up to 30 atoms Yes
SMILES Import Yes Yes
Crystal Builder for cleaving plane Yes Yes
Presentation 3D printing using OpenSCAD Yes Yes
Ray tracing using POV-Ray Yes Yes
GIF animation Yes Yes
Display for patent application Yes Yes
Molecular Shape Analysis Molecular Surface/Volume/Ovality Yes Yes
Aspect Ratio/Radius of gyration Yes Yes
Sterimol Parameters Yes Yes
Point Group Analysis Yes Yes
Molecular Orbital (MO) Semiempirical MO by MOPAC6 Up to 30 atoms Yes
Energy Level/MO/Charge Yes Yes
Dipole/Trans. Moment Yes Yes
Reaction Coordinate Analysis Yes Yes
UV/Vis Spectra CNDO/S only Yes
Raman/IR, NMR Spectra - Yes
GAMESS/Firefly Interface - Yes
NWChem Interface - Yes
Gaussian Interface - Yes
PIO Interface - Yes
Others Job Submission I/F (Linux etc) - Yes
Job Manager (Windows) - Yes
CONFLEX Interface - Yes
# Basic is required.
Additional Functions
MD option Gromacs Interface
LAMMPS Interface
Amber Interface
QM/MM MD Calculation
LAMMPS data converter for Gromacs analytic tools
Solvent Registration
Polymer Builder
Interface Builder
Free Energy Calculation (ER,BAR)
DPD Calculation
Solid option Quantum ESPRESSO Interface
FDMNES (XAFS Spectra) Interface
ab Initio MD
ESM Calculation