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Winmostar is simulation software for performing quantum chemical, molecular dynamics, and band calculations.

What is Winmostar?

Winmostar provides MO, DFT, and MD calculation programs (solvers) as backends, their pre- and post-processing, file and process management, and data visualization capabilities. Supported solvers include GAMESS, Gaussian, LAMMPS, and Quantum ESPRESSO.

Winmostar enables atomic- and molecular-scale analysis of materials.

Winmostar Functions

Ability to perform quantum chemistry, first principles, and molecular dynamics calculations using a unified method of operation
Ability to create various atomic and molecular structures
Simple and flexible calculation condition setup capabilities
Easy access to vast computing resources in the cloud (e.g., FOCUS)
Automated management of large numbers of files and processes
Data transfer and data conversion between solvers
Analysis and visualization of calculation results, calculation of various properties

What you can do with Winmostar

Simulate with mouse operations

Get results in 3 steps

1. Build molecular or crystal structure
2. Configure and run
3. Visualize results

Accelerate the development of new materials

Sales performance

1697 Licenses
(Site license:51 institutions)
(As of Oct 4, 2022)