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Cygwin environment for Winmostar CygwinWM

How to install CygwinWM

  1. If you are using Winmostar V11.5.0 or later in a 64-bit environment, download the following installer.

    cygwin_wm_20240201.exe (1.7GB)

    Otherwise, please download the following version of CygwinWM installer.

    cygwin_wm_20220715.exe (735MB)

  2. Launch the installer and install.

  3. Launch Winmostar. When you install in a folder other than C:\cygwin_wm, please specify the install path of Cygwin at [Tools]-[Preferences]-[Program Path]-[Cygwin].

  4. Go to [Help]-[Check CygwinWM] and click [Check Now]. If you find any errors, visit here.

  5. When you refer the results from Winmostar in your paper or conference presentation, please cite the references according to this list.

  6. If you want to enable AVX, please rewrite “C:\cygwin_wm\etc\profile.d\” as follows.

    source /usr/local/gromacs_sse/bin/GMXRC


    source /usr/local/gromacs_avx/bin/GMXRC
  • When you want to set up the environment using each package on Cygwin (i.e. how to make the compiled packages on your own), click here. Note that this procedure is only for advanced users.
  • When you want to seu up the environment to run Gromacs/Amber on Linux machine using Winmostar Remote Job Submission, click here.