Version Date Installer Note
10.0.2 February/20/2020 winmostar0_setup_10.0.2.exe Development Latest Release
Release note
9.4.3 January/20/2020 winmostar0_setup_9.4.3.exe Stable Latest Release
Release note
- Only Windows 7, 8 and 10 are natively supported, but you can also run on the other OSs using a virtual machine.
- This installer is commonly used for all editions and packages.
- If you already installed the previous version, overwrite it, or install at the new directory and use both.
How to install:

(1) Save winmostar0_setup_X.X.X.exe in a suitable folder and execute it.

(2) For 64 bit version Windows, select the type of Winmostar to be installed from 64 bit version or 32 bit version.

(3) Specify the installation folder (C:\winmos9 as default) and start the installation.
After the installation is completed, a shortcut is created on the start menu and on the desktop.
* When warning of security software comes out, please ignore it and continue installation (same as below).
* If the old version has already been installed, it is possible to overwrite the installation or change the installation folder to coexist with the old version.

(4) If you have not obtained the license code, please check the function table , register and acquire the license at the following links.
Free Edition
Student Edition
Professional Edition
Professional Edition (Trial)

(5) In the case of a new installation, start Winmostar and set the license code in the dialog that appears at the first boot.

(6) Install the solver to be used on Windows as the following links.
GAMESS NWChem LAMMPS Quantum ESPRESSO * Gromacs, Amber, MODYLAS, OpenMX are included in cygwin_wm which is installed in (7).

(7) When executing the calculation of MD or Solid pack (and some other processing), build the Cygwin environment as the following links.
Installing pre-built cygwin_wm (recommended)
When building cygwin_wm (Deprecated, for advanced users)
When using Windows Subsystem for Linux instead of Cygwin (Experimental)

(8) If necessary, exclude the Winmostar and Cygwin installation folders from the monitoring target in the setting of the security software being used.

(9) When submitting a remote job, install the solver to be used on the Linux server of the submission destination as the following links.
NWChem, Gromacs, Amber * If job scheduler (qsub etc.) is not installed on Linux server, install TORQUE following here .

How to uninstall:

Remove Winmostar's installation folder and the shortcuts manually.

Old versions: See revision history for more details.
Version Date Installer Note
10.0.1 January/20/2020 winmostar0_setup_10.0.1.exe Release note
10.0.0 January/15/2020 winmostar0_setup_10.0.0.exe Release note
9.4.2 December/4/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.4.2.exe Release note
9.4.1 November/5/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.4.1.exe Release note
9.4.0 October/7/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.4.0.exe Release note
9.3.5 December/4/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.3.5.exe Release note
9.3.4 November/5/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.3.4.exe Release note
9.3.3 October/7/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.3.3.exe Release note
9.3.2 September/3/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.3.2.exe Release note
9.3.1 August/5/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.3.1.exe Release note
9.3.0 July/8/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.3.0.exe Release note
9.2.6 September/3/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.2.6.exe Release note
9.2.5 August/5/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.2.5.exe Release note
9.2.4 July/8/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.2.4.exe Release note
9.2.3 June/7/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.2.3.exe Release note
9.2.2 May/13/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.2.2.exe Release note
9.2.1 April/22/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.2.1.exe Release note
9.2.0 April/9/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.2.0.exe Release note
9.1.5 June/7/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.1.5.exe Release note
9.1.4 May/13/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.1.4.exe Release note
9.1.3 April/22/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.1.3.exe Release note
9.1.2 April/9/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.1.2.exe Release note
9.1.1 March/3/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.1.1.exe Release note
9.1.0 February/12/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.1.0.exe Release note
9.0.3 March/3/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.0.3.exe Release note
9.0.2 February/12/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.0.2.exe Release note
9.0.1 January/28/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.0.1.exe
9.0.0 January/15/2019 winmostar0_setup_9.0.0.exe
8.039 Nov/13/2019 winmostar0_setup_8.039.exe
8.038 May/13/2019 winmostar0_setup_8.038.exe
8.037 January/28/2019 winmostar0_setup_8.037.exe
8.036 January/28/2019 winmostar0_setup_8.036.exe
8.035 January/15/2019 winmostar0_setup_8.035.exe
8.034 December/25/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.034.exe
8.033 December/5/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.033.exe
8.031 November/12/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.031.exe
8.030 November/8/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.030.exe
8.029 October/2/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.029.exe
8.027 August/21/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.027.exe
8.026 August/1/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.026.exe
8.025 July/25/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.025.exe
8.024 July/10/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.024.exe
8.023 June/18/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.023.exe
8.022 May/31/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.022.exe
8.021 May/10/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.021.exe
8.019 April/16/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.019.exe
8.018 April/12/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.018.exe Bug in MOPAC
8.017 April/10/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.017.exe Bug in MOPAC, Quntum ESPRESSO and license
8.013 March/9/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.013.exe
8.011 Febrary/9/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.011.exe
8.007 January/10/2018 winmostar0_setup_8.007.exe
8.006 December/8/2017 winmostar0_setup_8.006.exe
8.005 November/13/2017 winmostar0_setup_8.005.exe
8.004 November/13/2017 winmostar0_setup_8.004.exe view related bug
8.001 October/2/2017 winmostar0_setup_8.001.exe
7.031 October/2/2017 winmostar0_setup_7.031_en.exe
7.028 September/4/2017 winmostar0_setup_7.028_en.exe
7.026 August/20/2017 winmostar0_setup_7.026_en.exe
7.025 August/7/2017 winmostar0_setup_7.025_en.exe
7.022 July/7/2017 winmostar0_setup_7.022_en.exe
7.021 July/4/2017 winmostar0_setup_7.021_en.exe bug for display
7.020 June/1/2017 winmostar0_setup_7.020_en.exe
7.019 May/9/2017 winmostar0_setup_7.019_en.exe
7.017 April/20/2017 winmostar0_setup_7.017_en.exe
7.016 April/6/2017 winmostar0_setup_7.016_en.exe
7.014 March/1/2017 winmostar0_setup_7.014_en.exe
7.013 March/1/2017 winmostar0_setup_7.013_en.exe bug in Firefly run
7.011 February/6/2017 winmostar0_setup_7.011_en.exe
7.010 February/1/2017 winmostar0_setup_7.010_en.exe Changed to use MinGW build NWChem
7.009 January/10/2017 winmostar0_setup_7.009_en.exe
7.007 December/7/2016 winmostar0_setup_7.007_en.exe
7.005 November/15/2016 winmostar0_setup_7.005_en.exe
7.003 November/1/2016 winmostar0_setup_7.003_en.exe
7.002 October/18/2016 winmostar0_setup_7.002_en.exe
7.000 October/1/2016 winmostar0_setup_7.000_en.exe
6.020 September/1/2016 winmostar0_setup_6.020_en.exe
6.019 August/1/2016 winmostar0_setup_6.019_en.exe
6.018 July/1/2016 winmostar0_setup_6.018_en.exe
6.016 June/1/2016 winmostar0_setup_6.016_en.exe
6.015 May/10/2016 winmostar0_setup_6.015_en.exe
6.014 April/14/2016 winmostar0_setup_6.014_en.exe
6.013 April/1/2016 winmostar0_setup_6.013_en.exe a bug in Remote Job Submission
6.012 April/1/2016 winmostar0_setup_6.012_en.exe a serious bug in a Polymer related function
6.010 March/2/2016 winmostar0_setup_6.010_en.exe
6.009 March/1/2016 winmostar0_setup_6.009_en.exe a serious bug in a LAMMPS related function
6.006 February/1/2016 winmostar0_setup_6.006_en.exe
6.005 January/7/2016 winmostar0_setup_6.005_en.exe
6.004 December/10/2015 winmostar0_setup_6.004_en.exe
6.003 December/4/2015 winmostar0_setup_6.003_en.exe a serious bug in Interface Builder
6.002 November/6/2015 winmostar0_setup_6.002_en.exe a serious bug in Interface Builder
6.001 October/6/2015 winmostar0_setup_6.001_en.exe
6.000 October/1/2015 winmostar0_setup_6.000_en.exe a serious bug in Point Group Analysis
5.016 September/10/2015 winmostar0_setup_5.016_en.exe
5.015 August/6/2015 winmostar0_setup_5.015_en.exe
5.014 July/14/2015 winmostar0_setup_5.014_en.exe
5.012 June/16/2015 winmostar0_setup_5.012.EXE
5.010 May/8/2015 winmostar0_setup_5.010.EXE
5.009 Apr/10/2015 winmostar0_setup_5.009.EXE
5.007 Mar/11/2015 winmostar0_setup_5.007.EXE
5.006 Feb/12/2015 winmostar0_setup_5.006.EXE
5.004 Jan/8/2015 winmostar0_setup_5.004.EXE
5.003 Dec/4/2014 winmostar0_setup_5.003.EXE
5.002 Oct/27/2014 winmostar0_setup_5.002.EXE
5.001 Oct/3/2014 winmostar0_setup_5.001.EXE
5.000 Oct/1/2014 winmostar0_setup_5.000.EXE
4.105 Jul/9/2014 winmostar0_setup_4.105.EXE
4.104 May/15/2014 winmostar0_setup_4.104.EXE
4.103 Mar/11/2014 winmostar0_setup_4.103.EXE
4.102 Jan/8/2014 winmostar0_setup_4.102.EXE
4.101 Nov/27/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.101.EXE
4.100 Sep/30/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.100.EXE
4.030 Sep/6/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.030.EXE
4.029 Aug/23/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.029.EXE
4.028 Aug/20/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.028.EXE
4.027 Aug/13/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.027.EXE
4.026 Aug/6/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.026.EXE
4.025 Jul/24/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.025.EXE
4.024 Jun/17/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.024.EXE
4.023 Jun/11/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.023.EXE
4.022 May/9/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.022.EXE
4.021 May/1/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.021.EXE
4.020 Apr/15/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.020.EXE
4.019 Mar/28/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.019.EXE
4.017 Mar/25/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.017.EXE
4.016 Feb/13/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.016.EXE
4.015 Feb/4/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.015.EXE
4.014 Jan/30/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.014.EXE
4.013 Jan/8/2013 winmostar0_setup_4.013.EXE
4.012 Dec/25/2012 winmostar0_setup_4.012.EXE