Gromacs/Amber Installation manual for Winmostar

 1. Easy Installation(Windows)

Download the installer.
Install it under C:\cygwin_wm .

#If you want to enable AVX, please rewrite "C:\cygwin_wm\etc\profile.d\" as follows.
source /usr/local/gromacs_sse/bin/GMXRC
source /usr/local/gromacs_avx/bin/GMXRC

When you install in a folder other than C:\cygwin_wm, please specify the path of Cygwin installed with the [Tools]-[Preference] menu of Winmostar.

When you want to set up the environment using each package on Cygwin (i.e. how to make the compiled packages on your own), click here.

When you want to seu up the environment to run Gromacs/Amber on Linux machine using Winmostar Remote Job Submission, click here.

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