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Installation Guide

(1) If you have not obtained a license code, please check the Feature List, register and acquire the license at the following links.

FREE edition
PROFESSIONAL Edition (Trial)

(2) Download and save winmostar0_setup_X.X.X.exe in a suitable folder and execute it.

(3) For 64 bit version Windows, select the type of Winmostar to be installed from 64 bit version or 32 bit version.

(4) Specify the destination folder (C:\winmos11 as default) and start the installation.

After the installation is complete, a shortcut will be created in the start menu and desktop.
When warning of security software comes out, please ignore it and continue installation. (The same hereinafter.)
If an old version has already been installed, it is possible to overwrite the installation or change the installation folder to coexist with the old version.

(5) In the case of a new installation, start Winmostar and set the license code in the dialog that appears at the first boot.

(6) Install the solver to be used on Windows as the following links.

Gromacs, Amber, MODYLAS and OpenMX are included in CygwinWM explanied at the next step.

(8) If necessary, exclude the Winmostar and Cygwin installation folders from the monitoring target in the setting of the security software being used.

(9) When submitting a remote job, install the solver to be used on the Linux server of the submission destination as the following links.

NWChem, Gromacs, Amber
If any job scheduler, like qsub, is not installed on Linux server, install TORQUE from here.

How to uninstall

Please delete the installation folder and shortcuts of Winmostar manually.