9. How to adjust the atomic and molecular structure display

9.1. How to display a specific molecule in the presence of many molecules such as MD

  1. First load the entire system you want to display as usual. The same goes for animations.

  2. Select a group of molecules to display. See Select menu for how to select a group.

  3. view ‣ Transparency, click make all atoms transparent, then click make group selected atoms opaque and adjust transparency as needed. Adjust transparency accordingly.

9.2. How to show/hide atoms just above the simulation cell at both ends of the cell in crystals

Display ‣ Display Presets

If you want more fine-tuning, adjust the settings for Tools ‣ Preferences ‣ Display ‣ Display Items ‣ Atoms on cell boundaries duplicated at both ends.

9.3. How to make a drawing (in two shades of black and white) for a patent application document

Tools ‣ Preferences, click the Display tab, check the Display for patent applications checkbox and click OK

If the outlines are too coarse, zoom the camera in.