11.2. CygwinWM

CygwinWM is Cygwin for Winmostar. It is called internally by Winmostar in the processing described in this manual as follows.


To use this function, CygwinWM setup is required.

Installation method is described in CygwinWM setup.


  • Some security countermeasure software may automatically delete or interfere with normal module in CygwinWM due to malfunction.

  • If you download and install the CygwinWM installer from the Winmostar official HP, you can easily check for missing files in CygwinWM by using Help ‣ Check CygwinWM function. (Only the existence of the file is checked.)

  • If trouble occurs with the function that uses CygwinWM, please also check the activity report of security countermeasure software.

If you select Tools ‣ Cygwin, you can start the console of CygwinWM directly.