6.23. Help menu

6.23.1. manual

Display this manual on the local machine.

6.23.2. Web manual

Launch the web browser and display this manual on the web.

6.23.3. winmostar.com

Launch the web browser and display the HP of Winmostar.

6.23.4. Periodic Table

Open the html file of the period table under Winmostar installation folder.

6.23.5. Check CygwinWM

Click Check Now button to check the installation of CygwinWM. In this function, check only existence of file. If you clear the check, you will see Successfully finished. Close this window.

Under the operating environment of some security countermeasure software, installation of some files in CygwinWM may be obstructed when installing CygwinWM, so you can check it easily with this function.

6.23.6. Open Preferences Folder

Open the UserPref folder under the Winmostar installation folder.

6.23.7. Debug Mode

Switch to debug mode.