6.30. How to operate the graph

Operation in graph drawing area
Left drag

Move the graph in translation.

You can restore it with Refresh button.

Drag right

Enlarge the graph.

You can restore it with Refresh button.

Show Setting

Set the drawing range automatically.


When you uncheck Autoscale checkbox, specify the drawing area directly.


It displays it in logarithm. The drawing range must be greater than 0.


Reset drawing of the graph.

Copy Image

Copy the graph to the clipboard as an image.

Export csv & Open Excel

Output csv file and open Excel.

Export csv

Output a csv file.

Copy Columns

Copy selected data in a format that can be pasted into Excel.

Export Gnuplot File

Output Gnuplot file.

Calculate Average

Calculates and displays the average value of the displayed data over a specified range.