6.6. QM ‣ CNDO/S menu

It is a menu related to the CNDO/S program.

The CNDO/S program is bundled with Winmostar. The CNDO/S program is a slight modification of the P083 program registered in the former Japan Chemistry Program Exchange Organization (JCPE, the present Japan Computer Chemistry Society) to correspond to Winmostar. The manual of P083 is here <https://winmostar.com/jp/manual_third_party/cndos_man.pdf>. The CNDO/S program (: file: cndosw.exe) has been compiled with gfortran.

6.6.1. Configure

Set calculation conditions of CNDO/S. To set up the calculations immediately after setting Run button, once to return to the main window please press OK button.

Behavior when clicking Run is see Run.


Specify the calculation method. (CNDO or INDO)


Specify multiplicity.

Basis set

Specify the basis function. (SP or SPD)


Specifies to output the bond order


If checked, interatomic distance will not be output.


It outputs a simplified log.


It outputs a file for MOLMOL 2.

Repulsion integral
Specify the expression of repulsion integral.
  • Parisian

  • Ohno

  • Nishimoto - Iga

  • Theoretical

Nuclear repulsion energy
Specify the expression of inter-nuclear repulsion energy.
  • Za * Zb / 1

  • Za * Zb * Gamma ab


p Specify the value of kappa for electrons.


d Specify the value of kappa for electrons.


Specify the charge.

# of CI

Specify the number of states to include in the CI calculation of the excited state. (Max 500)

# of excited states

Specify the number of excitation states to output the bond order.

6.6.2. Import Keywords

Only keywords (calculation conditions) are read from the existing CNDO/S input file.

6.6.3. Run

If the input file of CNDO/S is open in the main window, execute CNDO/S with that file. If it is not open, save the CNDO/S input file and execute CNDO/S.

Following file will be generated with execution. For example, the file/folder name when the input file is: file: water.cnd is also shown.



lst file

Calculation log file.

Working Folder
Working folder.

6.6.4. Open Log File (lst)

Open the lst file with a text editor.

6.6.5. Analyses UV-Vis

Select lst file and display UV-Vis spectrum and molecular orbital.

Refer to UV-Vis Spectrum window, Energy Level Diagram window, Surface Setup window for how to operate the subwindow.